Handyman Services

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About me

I have a lifetime of experience doing handyman work.  I've been a part of your local community my whole life and I'm very active in the community.

Making customers smile while serving them with prompt service and excellent tradesmanship is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience I walk away with.

Here when you need a hand...

Problems always creep up and, if you don't know how to solve them, it can be really intimidating. I understand that and I'm here to help.

Who has time to do all those odd jobs around the house?  It’s often impractical and expensive to call a professional contractor for every little thing that needs to be fixed. But it’s work that has to be done.

Geterdun Handyman Services provides general handyman services including maintenance and repairs on a wide range of repair jobs. Your property is valuable and to maintain that value, it has to be kept up. Don’t put it off any longer. Help is just a phone call away.  No job is too small!